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As for skin allergy, there are ma
As for skin allergy, there are many reasons for allergy. It is necessary to prescribe the right medicine and get twice the result with half the effort. Spring is the season of all kinds of allergies. How should we deal with the phenomenon of skin allergy in spring? What causes spring is likely to cause skin allergies?
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1. What are the causes of skin allergies?
1, pollen: in the season of pollen transmission, small pollen grains are spread in the air during the transmission process and fly around with the flow of air, and some of them will be absorbed by the skin and absorbed by the skin.
2, dust: allergy to dust is a kind of allergic reaction that lives in the dust. It is the most common allergy. Dust allergies include cotton fibers, fur and all kinds of fibers, animal fur and so on.
3, cosmetics: the most typical cosmetic allergy is allergy to essence, and the cosmetics containing alcohol can also stimulate skin. Others, such as biochemical preservatives, fruit acids, and so on, can cause different irritation to different skin.
4, food: seafood, mango and nuts food are often caused by allergies.
5, drugs: penicillin, sulfonamides, etc., may cause skin allergies.
6, age: perhaps the growth of age is an important reason for skin sensitivity. Some people are not sensitive to skin for the past few years, but in recent years they have become sensitive.  This is because the skin of young and healthy skin has a layer of weak acid sebum membrane, maintain moisture to protect the skin from the outside world, but as the age increases, this layer of sebum membrane is not as healthy as before, so that some sensitive substances easily invade the skin.
7. Pets: sensitive skin is susceptible to allergies due to the skin and fur of domestic pets. The reason for the allergy is mainly due to the protein secreted by the fat glands on the cat and dog's body. When the pets lick their hair, the proteins are covered in the fur and then spread into the air and are attached to the human skin.
8, seasonal change: due to various environmental factors, the sensitizing substances, such as bacterial spores and pollen scattered in the air, will release a large amount of compounds, histamine, which are almost all of the tissues of the human body, causing skin allergies.
9, temperature changes: the temperature is hot and cold, which makes sensitive people red and hot.
10, ultraviolet radiation causes facial skin allergy.
Two. How to respond to allergies?
1. Try to avoid exposure to allergies
The best way to prevent skin allergies is to reduce contact and to protect as much as possible when going out. People with allergy should be less exposed to the sun and less likely to have more pollen and catkins such as parks. People who have symptoms of solar dermatitis and seasonal dermatitis should be careful to avoid direct sunlight and do not use alkaline cosmetics or soap.
2. Keep your hands free from clutching at random
Do not scratch, avoid washing with hot water and soap. If it is really hard to itch, use cold towels for proper cold compress. Avoid rubbing of coarse collar or woollen chemical fiber fabrics, prevent abuse of strong stimulant external medicines, and avoid spicy spicy foods.
3. Avoid the use of cosmetics
All cosmetics should be discontinued, and the skin has a buffer time. If you use low sensitive skin care products at ordinary times, you can continue to use it. If it is the first or occasional sensitive phenomenon and no low sensitivity maintenance, then we should choose a special skin care product with antiphlogistic and sedative effect.
4. Cleanliness of the skin
Sensitive dry skin can sometimes be seriously sensitive. Even water and foam can not be touched, so cleaning is needed instead of cleaning. For people who are very concerned about whether the dirt on their faces can be cleaned, it is important to prepare a bottle of lotion for wiping. Because this type of skin can not be rubbed vigorously, the amount of make-up water is relatively more.
5. It is important to moisturize water
When the skin is allergic, the skin is especially fragile. When the skin is lack of water, it is especially easy to appear dry, desiccation and even skin allergy. In order to prevent the occurrence of allergy, it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing work. To do a good job of normal skin care, such as skin redness and burning sensation, cold compress with towels, use of mild moisturizing cream evenly, skin easily peeling, suitable massage, hot compress with towel, and then smear more moisturizing skin care.
6. Use the clean mask carefully

Use clean facial mask carefully, and can be replaced with a moisturizing mask. The whitening mask of fruit acid will accelerate the exfoliation of the dead skin and make the thin skin more fragile. It is not recommended to use in skin allergy.
7, increase the intake of vitamins
Patients with skin allergy should eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, and avoid eating oily, spicy, spicy foods. Vitamin B group is necessary for healthy skin and blood circulation, and can help cells to regenerate. Kelp is a necessary mineral for a repair organization. Vitamin F can cause skin luster, vitamin E can relieve itching and dry skin, vitamin A emulsion can make the skin smooth, prevent skin dry, vitamin D can help tissue repair.